About Us
iPolus LLC is web development and graphics design company, based in Miami Florida.

Our goal is to provide a full range of high quality website custom design and development services for businesses at affordable rates. Here at iPolus we fully utilize our team members’ extensive knowledge and experience in developing up-to-date, cutting-edge, custom design and software solutions using the latest technologies for everyday business challenges.

Our Low Rates Compared
.NET Development
Website Design
Graphics Design
SEO & Branding
  • E-commerce application development
  • MS SQL Server, Databases
  • HTML5, CSS3, XML, Ajax
  • SOAP and REST Web Services
  • Hosting, FTP, SFTP, IIS config
  • Amazon API MWS, Ebay API, PayPal
  • Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Professional photography + video

Team members

Successful projects

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Key Members

Visual & Graphics Director

Excellent concept development and project leadership. Attention to details.

Co-Founder, Web Developer

.NET programmer with over 15 years in web development and e-commerce.

Co-Founder, Art Director

An amazing artist and designer with a unique creative vision.